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Mundo Asia Pacífico (MAP) is a semi-annual journal that seeks to coordinate multidisciplinary knowledge of the Asia Pacific region and its ties with Latin America from different perspectives.

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Current Issue

Vol 9 No 17 (2020): Online Journal Mundo Asia Pacifico

Published: 2020-12-17


Abstract 72 |

Page 4


The impact of culture on the management of subsidiary organizations: The case of Viettel in Peru

Gareth H Rees, Oswaldo Morales Tristán, Gladys Alosilla Cruzado, Sandra Guizado Vásquez, Bárbara Laos Raffo, Orlando López Melgar
Abstract 325 | PDF (Español) Downloads 198

Page 22-38

Public images of Mexico in South Korea

Andrii Ryzhkov, Nayelli López Rocha
Abstract 150 | PDF (Español) Downloads 159

Page 39-56

The Korean Wave in Latin America as a result of multiculturalism

Valentina Suyai
Abstract 260 | PDF (Español) Downloads 206

Page 57-72

Asia Today

Comparative experiences of Sustainable Economic Development between Kenya, Mexico and Vietnam

Cesaíre Chiatchoua, Carlos Alberto Jiménez Bandala
Abstract 96 | PDF (Español) Downloads 98

Page 74-89

Potential exporter of Colombian avocado to South Korea

Valentina Peláez Peinado, Diego Fernando Núñez Cadavid
Abstract 219 | PDF (Español) Downloads 554

Page 90-103

Anime, manga, cosplay ... and something else? Cultural policies around otakism

Federico Álvarez Gandolfi
Abstract 141 | PDF (Español) Downloads 189

Page 104-118

China’s Coffee Market Amidst Colombia’s Supply Expansion

Miguel Andrés Giraldo Gómez
Abstract 108 | PDF (Español) Downloads 72

Page 119-130

Traceability and security in times of pandemic

Ana María Hernández Rojas, Luisa Fernanda López Echavarría
Abstract 37 | PDF (Español) Downloads 135

Page 131-133

Japan Sinks: Sakyo Komatsu's Japan Sinks Sci-Fi Novel Review

Yesenia Melguizo Mira, Jhenny Álvarez García
Abstract 45 | PDF (Español) Downloads 58

Page 134-136

Review Book of the five rings by Musashi Miyamoto.

Ludwig Clemente Díaz León
Abstract 28 | PDF (Español) Downloads 142

Page 137-139

Anarchist Utopia? "The love of wisdom"

Angie Tatiana Zuluaga Rámirez
Abstract 33 | PDF (Español) Downloads 43

Page 140-141

iREX 2021

María José Guevara
Abstract 36 |

Page 142-144

Al detalle

Elisa Sofía García Marcano
Abstract 33 | PDF (Español) Downloads 24

Page 145-147

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