Mediating Role of Perceived Suppervisor Support between Presenteeism and Employees Performance: A Study into Sugar Manufacting in Erzincan,Turkey

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Murat bas
Mohammad Quasim Ayaz



There is a broad understanding that relationship exist between leaders behavior and employees reaction in particularly in sense of presenteeism that ensures the good health of employees. However, we agree that much less is understood about potential mediating processes that underline the links between supervisory support, presenteeism and employees support. İn this study, the indicators of employees performance, linked with presenteeism, while supervisors support playing as mediator. We linked social learning thoery, where individuals are valuing overserable behaviors. The findings of the study, revealed positive relationship between presenteeism and employees performance at Erzincan state of Turkey. The study found, positive mediation of supervisory support between presenteeism and employees performance. The relationship of the research model was tested with the help of implementation of adopted questionnares from 280 individuals who responded to the questionnare as the potential participants. The analysis explored positive remarks of the hypothesis (accepted). The findings of the study, contributes both academic and non-academic arena, leading to potential understanding and importance of both presenteeism and supervisory support.


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