Published: 2020-06-30

Incidence of corporate social responsibility practices on the cost of equity: evidence from Colombian companies

Leidy Tatiana Mesa-Jurado, Paola Andrea Rivera-López, Melissa María Román-Buriticá, Diego Andrés Correa Mejía
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Page 5-30

Formal institutions, human development and entrepreneurship: a comparative study between highly developed countries and member countries of the pacific alliance

Cesar Ignacio Leon Quillas, Hector Fernando Rueda Rodriguez, Carlos Hernan Gonzalez Campo
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Strategic risk management in some large Colombian private companies

Andrea Lucia Palacio Giraldo, Maria Antonia Nuñez
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Exploring enabling factors for innovation outcomes. A firm-level analysis of Peruvian companies

Jean Pierre Seclen-Luna, Fátima Ponce Regalado, Miguel Cordova
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A cause-related marketing model for the iranian banking system: a phenomenological approach

Ali Valipour, Mahmoud noraei, Kamyar Kavosh
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