Published: 2013-11-05


The popularization of science and science journalism

Heiner Mercado Percia
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Prototype of a Device to Research Ultrasound Effects on Microbiological Processes

Jorge Andrés López-Castaño, Yuri K Murcia, Daniel Díaz
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Page 11-31

Physicochemical and microbiological characterization of Apis mellifera sp. honey from Southwest of Antioquia in Colombia

A V Velásquez Giraldo, Lina M. Vélez Acosta, Robin Zuluaga Gallego
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Page 61-74

Box-Behnken design for optimizing the acid blue dye adsorption on flower wastes

Ana Cristina Jaramillo Madrid, Ana Maria Echavarria, Angelina Hormaza
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Page 75-91

Generalized Secant Hyperbolic and a Method of Estimate of its Parameters: Maximum Likelihood Modified

Luis Alejandro Másmela Caita, Álvaro Alexander Burbano Moreno
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Page 93-106

Choosing the Weighting Constant in Compound Optimal Designs: cD-optimal Designs

César Flórez-Restrepo, Víctor Ignacio López-Ríos
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Page 107-130

Relativistic models of thin disks immersed in a Robertson-Walker type spacetime

Gonzalo García Reyes, Edwin García-Quintero
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Anomalous Localization of Light in One-Dimensional Disordered Photonic Superlattices

D Aristizábal-Giraldo, E Reyes-Gómez
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Page 141-151

Analytical Model for Electronic Transport in Semiconductor Thin Films

M Torres-Luengo, H M Martínez, J Torres, L D López-Carreño
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Page 153-170


Automated Recognition of Bioacoustic Signals: a Review of Methods and Applications

Paula Catalina Caycedo-Rosales, José Francisco Ruiz-Muñoz, Mauricio Orozco-Alzate
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Page 171-195

Tecia solanivora, Povolny (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae): a Review of its Origin, Dispersion and Biological Control Strategies

Diego F Villanueva-Mejía, Clara Inés Saldamando Benjumea
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Page 197-214

Urban ornithology studies in Colombia: a literature review

Carlos A. Delgado-V, Juana C. Correa-H
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Page 215-236

Power Electronics for Domestic Induction Heating: a Review

Luz Adriana Trejos Grisales, María E Moncada, Adolfo Escobar, John N. Hincapié
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Page 237-262