Published: 2008-12-01


Following the titration monoprotic acid–strong base with High Performance Liquid Chromatography –HPLC–

Carlos Arturo Correa Maya, Edgar Darío Arbeláez
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Page 9-25

Rapid prototyping of craniofacial structures

Juan Felipe Isaza, Mauricio Naranjo
Abstract 870 | PDF (Español) Downloads 438

Page 27-43

Short run hydrothermal coordination with network constraints using an interior point method

Jesús María López Lezama, Luis Alfonso Gallego Pareja, Diego Mejía Giraldo
Abstract 459 | PDF (Español) Downloads 442

Page 45-63

CFD Analysis of the Effect on Buoyancy Due to Terrain Temperature Based on an Integrated DEM and Landsat Infrared Imagery

Manuel Julio García, Pierre Boulanger, Juan Duque, Santiago Giraldo
Abstract 829 | PDF Downloads 418

Page 65-84

Nanoindentation based on force spectroscopy with an atomic force

Mauricio Arroyave Franco
Abstract 690 | PDF (Español) Downloads 285

Page 85-98

Numerical treatment of cosserat based rate independent strain gradient plasticity theories

Juan David Gómez C.
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Page 99-128

CWLFM high range resolution radar for ISAR imaging without motion compensation

Alberto Asensio López, Javier Gismero Menoyo, Javier Carretero Moya, Alvaro Blanco del Campo
Abstract 653 | PDF (Español) Downloads 725

Page 129-174

Multi-modal systems of restricted depth

Manuel Sierra A.
Abstract 423 | PDF (Español) Downloads 154

Page 175-202