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Distribution methods of Chinese vehicles in the Pacific Alliance countries

Otto Regalado-Pezua, Miguel Angel Montoya Bayardo, Gabriel Arnaldo Zapata Pezúa
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5G technology: Is it a determinant in the dispute for global economic hegemony between China and the United States in the 21st century?

Tania Anahí Díaz González, Juan González García, Ángel Licona Michel
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Asia Today

Stained Supply Chains

Laura Isabel Vásquez Martínez
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The Nineteenth-Century Anglo-Indian Opium Trade to China and its Lasting Legacy

Elisa-Sofía García-Marcano
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Japan: Japanese Cultural Promotion for Economic Development

Isabel Argüelles Gómez
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Meritocracy: China's form of democracy

Juliana  Jiménez Arcila
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Beyond cleaning, New Year's rituals in Asia Pacific

Sonia Stefany Valencia de la Portilla, Ludwig Clemente  Díaz León
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Mid-Autumn Festival

Samuel Botero-Castrillón
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Review: Mr origami

Estefania Roncancio Vergara
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Parasites: The reflection of the 21st century

Maria Jose Gaviria Toro
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