Published: 2012-12-04


La revista AD-minister. Un breve repaso a su historia.

Olga Lucía Garcés Uribe
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Page 7-8

Real Options Approach to Financial Valuation of Brands

Yessica González Londoño, Mauricio Zuluaga Carmona, Cecilia Maya Ochoa
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Page 9-32

Internationalization Patterns of Multilatinas

Juanita Castro Olaya, Juliana Castro Olaya, Indira Jaller Cuéter
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Page 33-54

Internationalization and Entrepreneurial Orientation. A Network perspective: Four Cases of Puerto Rican SMEs

Karen L Orengo
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Page 55-69

Quality Management and Knowledge: two Complementary Approaches

Javier E De la Hoz Freyle, Elberto Carrillo Rincón, Luis Carlos Gómez Flórez
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Page 71-85

Companies of the Agricultural Sector: Economic Rationality and Management

Sol Bibiana Mora Rendón
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Page 87-99

Intelligent Organization in a Learning Environment: an Exploration of its General Aspects

Noé Chávez Hernández, Guillermo Torres Sanabria
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Page 101-115

Organizational Studies: A Complement to the Study of Social Management

María Edith Morales Mosquera
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Page 117-133

Tobin’s Separation Theorem: Information from the Colombian Stock Market for the First Half of 2008

José Gabriel Astaiza Gómez
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Page 135-154