Published: 2011-06-17

PENTA cognitive-systemic model. From the strategic formulation to the implementation process

Alberto Ramón Levy
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Page 5-26

Value generation for customers of industrial products. Case study of metal double-layer polypropylene bioriented laminate to package food

Jaime Baby Moreno, Juan Gonzalo Londoño Jaramillo, Lux Stella Cabrera Viveros, Hernán Lozano
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Page 27-47

Control in family businesses

Luis Cisneros, Guillermo Ramírez, Arturo Hernández
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Page 49-76

Energy power forward prices. Are forward prices rationally determined by agents in the Colombian market?

Gloria Stella Salazar Marín, Javier Pantoja
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Page 77-99

Capital project cost estimation methodologies. The colombian case study

John Díez B, Sandra Gaitán Riaño
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Page 101-124

The state and the multinationals. Possible consequences of the 2008 crisis on power balance

Luis Fernando Vargas-Alzate, Andrés Duque Solís, Carolina Herrera Cano, Carolina Ríos Grajales
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Page 125-149

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