Published: 2009-12-01


Characterization of physical parameters of the terminals of container of Spanish harbor system

Nicoletta González-Cancelas, Alberto Camarero Orive
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Page 49-74

Job Shop problem solution with an intelligent agent

Omar Danilo Castrillón, Jaime Alberto Giraldo, William Ariel Sarache
Abstract 1348 | PDF (Español) Downloads 2452

Page 75-92

Product of independent random variables involving inverted hypergeometric function type I variables

Edwin Zarrazola, Daya Krishna Nagar
Abstract 907 | PDF Downloads 709

Page 93-106

Model Bone of Komarova Implementation for the sensitivity study of the process of remodelling bony before changes in local factors

Aldemar Fonseca-Velásquez, Diego Alexander Garzón–Alvarado
Abstract 548 | PDF (Español) Downloads 699

Page 107-132

Finite Element Modeling of Composite Materials using Kinematic Constraints

Oscar E. Ruiz, Merlin Barschke, David Uribe, Jens Jensen, Carlos López
Abstract 797 | PDF Downloads 3943

Page 133-154

Mechanical and thermal properties optimization of a synthetic agglomerate by using the Taguchi Method

C. M. Bedoya Hincapié, P. Pineda–Gómez, A. Rosales Rivera
Abstract 825 | PDF (Español) Downloads 1026

Page 155-170

Approximated solution of differentials mixed systems

Jorge I. Castaño–Bedoya, Orlando García–Jaimes, José A. Sánchez–Cano
Abstract 324 | PDF (Español) Downloads 424

Page 171-182