Published: 2017-10-31

Size and independence of the board of directors and its relationship with economic performance: an analysis for family and non-family businesses

Diógenes Lagos Cortés, Nidia Costanza Soto Echeverry, José Bernardo Betancourt Ramírez, Julián Oswaldo Enríquez Yagüe, Gonzalo Gómez Betancourt
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Page 5-23

Leadership styles of men and women in the SMES

Mónica García Solarte, Laura Salas-Arbelaez, Edgar Gaviria Martinez
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Page 25-46

Pay less or pay what is fair? Analyzing pricing strategies

Jose Ignacio Azuela Flores, Magda Lizet Ochoa Hernández, Karla Paola Jimenez Almaguer
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Page 47-58

The influence of the upper echelons in the return on the assets of companies that make up part of the non-cyclical consumer goods and services economic sector

Daiane Antonini Bortoluzzi, Maryely Andrea Jimenez Franco, Silvio Aparecido Silva Aparecido Silva, Rogério João Lunkes
Abstract 895 | PDF (Español) Downloads 758 | DOI

Page 59-74

IT governance and management in public entities

Carlos Eduardo Marulanda Echeverry, Marcelo López Trujillo, Francisco Javier Valencia Duque
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Page 75-92

The moment of decision from the perspective of deliberate and emergent strategies

Juan Esteban Hernández Betancur, Iván Alonso Montoya Restrepo, Luz Alexandra Montoya Restrepo
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Page 93-114

Strategies of corporate social responsibility in Latin America: a content analysis in the extractive industry

Jose Satsumi Lopez-Morales, Isabel Ortega- Ridaura, Ignacio Ortiz- Betancourt
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Page 115-136

Knowledge management processes and intellectual property management processes: an integrated conceptual framework

Monica Henao-Calad, Paula Rivera Montoya, Beatriz Uribe Ochoa
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Page 137-160