Subjects and Organizational Cultures of Foreign Companies

Juan Pablo Román Calderón
Abstract 1041 | PDF (Español) Downloads 308

Page 11-33

Discourses and Social Praxis of Entrepreneurship. A Glance from the Critical Discourse Analysis

Jaime Andrés Ararat Herrera
Abstract 2869 | PDF (Español) Downloads 828

Page 34-49

The Christopher Columbus Project: An Enterprise of Modernity

Carlos Augusto Rojas Arias
Abstract 1392 | PDF (Español) Downloads 61058

Page 50-78

The entrepreneur and the risk management. The Carlos E. Restrepo´s Case

Rubi Consuelo Mejía Quijano
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Page 79-104

Corporate Social Responsability in the Construction Industry

Luis Fernando Botero Botero
Abstract 1949 | PDF (Español) Downloads 16293

Page 105-123

The use of new tecnologies: A Distant Virtual Proximity

Sara Cristina Aguilar Barrientos
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Page 124-136

Recruitment Practices, a Socially accepted Instrument of Domination

Yenny Hernández Sánchez
Abstract 1586 | PDF (Español) Downloads 7946

Page 137-160

Innovation through Joint Ventures. Implications and Role of the Top Management Team

Andrea Ruiz Restrepo,, María del Carmen Camelo Ordaz
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Page 161-194