Published: 2015-11-30

Perceptions of the impact of staff training, compensation and recruitment on project efficiency

Cynthia Alejandra Rueda Contreras, Karla Paola Jiménez Almaguer, Yesenia Sanchez Tovar
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Page 5-26

Tax incentives and investment expansion: evidence from Zimbabwe’s tourism industry

Watson Munyanyi, Campion Chiromba
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Page 27-51

Brand personality of Business Schools in Chile: Model proposal

Luis Araya-Castillo, Manuel Antonio Escobar-Farfan
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Page 53-73

Process innovation capability and innovation performance: mediating effect of product innovation capability

José Enrique Arias Pérez, Carlos Mario Durango Yepes, Nora Teresa Millán López
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Page 75-93

Bibliometric analysis for the identification of factors of innovation in the food industry

Diana Lorena Pineda Ospina
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Page 95-126