Published: 2016-09-08

Internationalization and firm performance in Chindia countries: a meta-analytic review

Linda Schulze, Aurélien Douesnel, Olivia Grégoire
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Page 5-22

Technological Unemployment: An approximation to the Latin American Case

Andrés Aguilera, María Gabriela Ramos Barrera
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Page 59-78

Validation of an instrument to measure corporate social responsibility in consumers of Mexico

Teodoro Rafael Wendlandt Amezaga, María Trinidad Álvarez Medina, Marco Alberto Nuñez Ramírez, Dina Ivonne Valdez Pineda
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Page 79-100

Competitive profile of business process outsourcing companies in Bogotá: principal component analysis

Nelson Orlando Alarcón Villamil, Melva Inés Gómez Caicedo, Rémi Stellian
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Page 101-120

Analysis of service management structures in companies from the service sector

Laura Rojas De Francisco, Luis Mauricio Bejarano Botero, Carlos Fernando Marín Valencia
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Page 121-146

Project maturity evaluation model for SMEs from the software development sub-sector

Álvaro Julio Cuadros López, Carolina Galindres, Paola Ruiz
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Page 147-162

Organizational culture and its influence on knowledge management best practices in Colombian SMEs

Carlos Eduardo Marulanda Echeverry, Marcelo López Trujillo, José Fernando Castellanos Galeano
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Page 163-176

Informal organization in innovative teams: A comparative case study

Cristina López, Lina Marcela Guevara, Jorge Robledo
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Page 177-202