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Mundo Asia Pacífico (MAP) is a semi-annual journal that seeks to coordinate multidisciplinary knowledge of the Asia Pacific region and its ties with Latin America from different perspectives.

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Vol 8 No 15 (2019): Revista Digital Mundo Asia Pacífico

Published: 2019-12-10


Abstract 84 | PDF (Español) Downloads 59

Page 4


The 'K-Beauty': An opportunity to benefit from Free Trade Agreement between Colombia and South Korea?

María Alejandra Calle, María Alejandra Jiménez, Ángela María Vanegas
Abstract 350 | PDF (Español) Downloads 319

Page 5-19

Intermediate cities: a Mexico-China comparison

Omar Neme, Ana Lilia Valderrama, José Israel Briseño
Abstract 137 | PDF (Español) Downloads 103

Page 42-58

Japan’s foreign policy: from imperial power to regional leader?

Juan Sebastián Gómez
Abstract 119 | PDF (Español) Downloads 92

Page 59-69

Asia Today

The influence of bureaucracy in the Korean developmental state

Laura Guinand Rodríguez, María Camila Arenas Correa
Abstract 100 | PDF (Español) Downloads 130

Page 71-76

Gao Xingjian and his literary journey

Juan Manuel Calle Saldarriaga, María Fernanda Gaitán Rojas
Abstract 138 | PDF (Español) Downloads 157

Page 77-86

Words of life in japanese culture

Sonia Stefany Valencia de la Portilla
Abstract 84 | PDF (Español) Downloads 123

Page 87-90

InterCHARM Korea 2020

Jimena Delgado Díaz
Abstract 58 | PDF (Español) Downloads 51

Page 91-92

Differences between Chinese and Cantonese

Diego Fernando Núñez
Abstract 63 | PDF (Español) Downloads 41

Page 99-100

Al detalle

Aurora Echeverri Zambrano
Abstract 52 | PDF (Español) Downloads 39

Page 101-103

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