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Mundo Asia Pacífico (MAP) is a semi-annual journal that seeks to coordinate multidisciplinary knowledge of the Asia Pacific region and its ties with Latin America from different perspectives, encouraging the participation of the Colombian and foreign academic community.

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Vol 8 No 15 (2019): Revista Digital Mundo Asia Pacífico

Published: 2019-12-10


Abstract 31 | PDF (Español) Downloads 22

Page 4


The 'K-Beauty': An opportunity to benefit from Free Trade Agreement between Colombia and South Korea?

María Alejandra Calle, María Alejandra Jiménez, Ángela María Vanegas
Abstract 179 | PDF (Español) Downloads 97

Page 5-19

Intermediate cities: a Mexico-China comparison

Omar Neme, Ana Lilia Valderrama, José Israel Briseño
Abstract 63 | PDF (Español) Downloads 53

Page 42-58

Japan’s foreign policy: from imperial power to regional leader?

Juan Sebastián Gómez
Abstract 56 | PDF (Español) Downloads 34

Page 59-69

Asia Today

The influence of bureaucracy in the Korean developmental state

Laura Guinand Rodríguez, María Camila Arenas Correa
Abstract 30 | PDF (Español) Downloads 29

Page 71-76

Gao Xingjian and his literary journey

Juan Manuel Calle Saldarriaga, María Fernanda Gaitán Rojas
Abstract 90 | PDF (Español) Downloads 92

Page 77-86

Words of life in japanese culture

Sonia Stefany Valencia de la Portilla
Abstract 25 | PDF (Español) Downloads 21

Page 87-90

InterCHARM Korea 2020

Jimena Delgado Díaz
Abstract 23 | PDF (Español) Downloads 10

Page 91-92

Differences between Chinese and Cantonese

Diego Fernando Núñez
Abstract 26 | PDF (Español) Downloads 11

Page 99-100

Al detalle

Aurora Echeverri Zambrano
Abstract 14 | PDF (Español) Downloads 5

Page 101-103

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