Published: 2019-12-14

Professional competences in management field: A curricular analysis for Colombia

Pedro Emilio Sanabria Rangel, Milton Ricardo Ospina Díaz, Santiago García Carvajal
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Page 5-52

Critical analysis on the use of SROI in the evaluation of social impact in social entrepreneurship initiatives

Filiberto Enrique Valdés Medina, María Luisa Saavedra García
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Page 53-76

Effect of convergence to International Financial Reporting Standards on Companies Listed in the Colombian Stock Exchange

Liliana Elizabeth Ruiz Acosta, David Andrés Camargo Mayorga, Octavio Cardona García
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Page 77-92

Strategic Effect of Collaboration Between ETICS

Gerardo Velasco-Gutiérrez, Miguel A. Montoya, Joan-Lluis Capelleras
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Page 93-116

Small and Medium Enterprises in the Americas, Effect of Disaster Experience on Readiness Capabilities

Juan Pablo Sarmiento, Catalina Sarmiento, Gabriela Hoberman, Meenakshi Jerath, Vicente Sandoval
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Page 117-136

Burnout in SMEs: A Management-Level Approach

Eloisa Treviño, Rodolfo Treviño, Sofía Segovia Jiménez, Frida Iannelli Reyna Delgado, Bernardo Vallejo Pérez
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Page 137-164

Strategizing: Opening New Avenues in Latin-America. A Systematic Literature Review

Martha Eugenia Reyes-Sarmiento, PhD, Luz María Rivas-Montoya, PhD
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Page 165-193