How gender and age can affect consumer purchase behavior? Evidence from A microeconomic perspective from Hungary

Maria Fekete-Farkas, Abbas Gholampour, Parisa Bouzari, Hadi Jarghooiyan, Pejman Ebrahimi
Abstract 1309 | PDF Downloads 730 | DOI

Page 25-46

Reconceptualizing opportunity construct: An answer to a theoretical dilemma through a systematic literature review

Jahangir Yadolahi Farsi, Abolghasem Arabiun, Ali Akbar Farjadian
Abstract 408 | PDF Downloads 345 | DOI

Page 47-72

Political economy of media: An income-expense analysis of state aids to Iranian newspapers

Datis Khajeheian, Abbas Jafari, Habib Abdolhossein, Esmaeil Ghaderifar
Abstract 442 | PDF Downloads 318 | DOI

Page 97-120

Entrepreneurial Use of Gamification for Knowledge Sharing inside Organization; A Public Service Media from Middle East

Tohid Soltani, Somayeh Labafi, Hadi Moghadamzadeh, Siavash Salavatian
Abstract 555 | PDF Downloads 356 | DOI

Page 121-142

Knowledge Management in the Age of Unreliable Messages. Do University Students Trust Online Messages? (A Survey from the Middle East)

Shaho Sabbar, Alireza Abdollahinezhad, Ako Heidari, Fatemeh Mohammadi
Abstract 516 | PDF Downloads 328 | DOI

Page 143-162

How to compose a media mix to win an electoral campaign? proposing a framework for political marketing

Mehrnaz Tajaddod Alizadeh, Mohammad Reza Saeidabadi, Datis Khajeheian
Abstract 666 | PDF Downloads 375 | DOI

Page 163-194

Impact of inter-organizational and extraorganizational factors on the policies of Science and Technology Parks in emerging economies

Iman Esmaeelzadeh, Mahboobeh Karimi Tararani, Amin Tayebi, Farinaz Kordbacheh Roudhend
Abstract 605 | PDF Downloads 330 | DOI

Page 195-216

Knowledge Commercialization Framework: factors affecting developing countries

Hadi Zarea, Iman Esmaeelzadeh, Haniyeh Sadat Jafariyeh, Elvira Buitek, Maryam Aliei
Abstract 644 | PDF Downloads 347 | DOI

Page 217-236