A propósito de la revisión por pares y el factor de impacto

Heiner Mercado Percia
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Page 9-10


Properties and Applications of Extended Hypergeometric Functions

Daya Krishna Nagar, Raúl Alejandro Morán-Vásquez, Arjun K Gupta
Abstract 1543 | PDF Downloads 1046 HTML Downloads 1202 | DOI https://doi.org/10.17230/ingciencia.10.19.1

Page 11-31

A mathematical model for social security systems with dynamical systems

Gilberto González Parra, Abraham J Arenas
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Page 33-53

A Metaheuristic Algorithm for the Location Routing Problem with Heterogeneous Fleet

Rodrigo Linfati, John Willmer Escobar, Gustavo Gatica
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Page 55-76

Optimal Relocation of Distribution Transformers using the Multiobjective Optimization Algorithm NSGA II

Rubén Iván Bolaños, Ricardo Alberto Hincapié Isaza, Ramón Alfonso Gallego Rendón
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Page 77-97

Overall Description of Wind Power

Luz Adriana Trejos Grisales, Cristian Guarnizo Lemus, Sergio Ignacio Serna Garces
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Page 99-126

Evaluation Radioelectric Spectrum Occupancy in Bogota-Colombia.

Luis Pedraza Martinez, Felipe Forero, Ingrid Patricia Paez
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Page 127-143

Computational Study of Allotropic Structures of Carbon by Density Functional Theory (DTF)

Juan Manuel Gonzalez Carmona, Carolina Ortega Portilla, Christian Barbosa, Alexander Ruden Muñoz, Federico Sequeda Osorio
Abstract 1382 | PDF Downloads 767 HTML Downloads 1418 | DOI https://doi.org/10.17230/ingciencia.10.19.7

Page 145-162

Application of a Model of Balance Population in a Ball Mill in the Cement Industry

Ismael Rivera, Freddy Quintero, Oswaldo Bustamante, G. Loaiza
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Page 163-177

Methodologies to Improve the Mechanical Properties of Struc- tural Concrete with Recycled Aggregates

Viviana Letelier Gonzalez, Rodrigo Osses, Gonzalo Valdés, Giacomo Moriconi
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Page 179-195

Mechanical Strength Optimization of Alkali-Activated MK/GBFS Binary Cements Through the Response Surface Methodology

Marisol Gordillo, Erich D. Rodríguez, Ruby Mejía de Gutierrez
Abstract 1193 | PDF (Español) Downloads 567 HTML (Español) Downloads 1029 | DOI https://doi.org/10.17230/ingciencia.10.19.10

Page 197-220

Assesment of the Mechanical Variability of Rock Slabs by Means of Non-Destructive Tests

Ludger O. Suarez Burgoa
Abstract 1174 | PDF (Español) Downloads 780 HTML (Español) Downloads 7479 | DOI https://doi.org/10.17230/ingciencia.10.19.11

Page 221-246


Analytic and Heuristic Methodologies for Solving the Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem (RCPSP): a review Part 1

Daniel Morillo, Luis Moreno, Javier Díaz
Abstract 2102 | PDF (Español) Downloads 7407 HTML (Español) Downloads 4142 | DOI https://doi.org/10.17230/ingciencia.10.19.12

Page 247-271